Aegex Windows Tablet’s

Aegex Windows Tablet’s Uniform Platform is “IS” Certified for Worldwide Use



Hazardous industries are global. So are the people who work in them. They need a communications device that is as global and as mobile as they are.

Whether a technician on an oil transport vessel traversing the seas or a plant manager checking on dispersed international assets, people are working every day in hazardous locations with highly explosive atmospheres. You can ensure their safety and improve their productivity by connecting them in real-time, using the same IT system as the rest of your global organization, no matter where they are across the globe – with the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet.

With 4G LTE and full roaming capabilities, the Aegex10 IS Tablet is the only truly universal device for hazardous environments. Its Microsoft operating system andIntel architecture give the Aegex tablet unsurpassed Cloud, software and hardware support worldwide.

While most mobile devices are not permitted in highly volatile zones of hazardous locations because they could cause a spark, Aegex’s 10.1-inch tablets are certified intrinsically safe (“IS”), or incapable of igniting an explosion. Aegex10 tablets synchronize with an organization’s Internet of Things to allow users to transmit real-time data from within the most hazardous zones of their operations. Such cloud-based connectivity improves safety, efficiency and compliance and lowers risk, resulting in decreased downtime and optimized operations.

Aegex tablets bring certified enterprise mobility solutions to HazLoc environments – anywhere around the world.

Think Global. Act Mobile. With Aegex and Mobiix

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