Breeding Solutions Management

The traceability of the stages of care and breeding of animals, i.e. monitoring of weight, meal distribution, the control of sleep and wakefulness, is made ever more easy through the use of our mobility applications/solutions for ruggedized tablet.

To register the life and production cycle of your livestock/farm/plant, and to trace automatically all the management processes of a “Farm” we advise to use the best RFID hardware technology available, thereafter we will help you to simplify the operations and increase profitability. Your operators will be able to examine, register and monitor the relevant information directly from the “stables” completely eliminating the need to fill in the collected data in a later stage.

Example of the Automatisation of the fodder consumption in the stable and other possible features

The aim of this analysis is to implement a system that would collect data related to the fodder fed to the bovines inside a barn.

The system must be able to measure the quantity of fodder distributed to the different sections of a barn, therefore the Mixer Feeder will be equipped with RFID scanner that will register the location of the distributor and pair to it the weight of the fodder unloaded. In order to identify the location of the feeders, tag metal mounts will be fitted to the strut of the metal structures that allow the bovines to introduce their head to eat. When the RFID scanner detects the position of the distributor it associates the weight of the fodder to be poured in that specific position. By scanning the positions and weight it is possible to know how much fodder has been poured in each position.

By implementing some features to this system we will be able to increase the returns on the investment of digitalisation thanks to the control of:

  • feeding (how much fodder a each animal takes in)
  • milk production based on the type of nutrition.
  • growth/development.

At the same time it gives the fodder producer an estimation of the product quality in terms of yield on the animals.

In order to complete the digitalisation of the processes –along with the creation of a nutrition history and weight control– a data sheet of the animal can be created so that its life cycle can be registered.

Our mobile application can be easily adapted according to your needs; it will enable you to create scheduled checks on your production process.