Taking immediate action where the problem arises, with the aim of providing a timely and effective solution, planning technical interventions in real time whilst having complete visibility over the Client and the tools and parts available… This is only an example of the issues that any organisation with a team operating in the field are required to solve.

Regardless of your industry and the size of your team, our Field Service Management solution will increase your efficiency and productivity.

Key functions:
– Priorities. Your technical staff can set their work priorities in autonomy
– Quick service-billing cycle
– Tracking and inventory of parts and tools used. Inventory, search and procurement of available and ordered spare parts.
– Customer data. Full access to the client’s data sheet: contract person, date of the latest intervention, activity timeline, prices granted, existing contracts, payment status.
– Intervention Scheduling. Your technical staff will visualise the daily list of interventions to be made.
– Accurate monitoring of deadlines and costs.
– Complete visibility over the process.

We offer a further advantage in terms of Safety: we are fully aware of the issues involved in the management of processes requiring the use of dangerous – toxic or inflamable – substances. The specific check-list system that we have created – built from time to time based on the specifications provided by the Safety Manager – requires every staff member involved to comply with all the requirements set forth by law, in connection with both ordinary and extraordinary interventions.
But there’s more. If operating in combination with our IoT solution, it also enables a real-time cross-check of the operations carried out.