iixDrone: all the advantages of the flying module

The experience gained with our customers and the numerous tests carried out highlight how the iiXDrone technology is capable of significantly impacting the main corporate costs and time KPI.

La soluzione sviluppata per l’attività di inventario in magazzino ha notevoli vantaggi che migliorano le prestazioni e i KPI aziendali. In detail:

  • Semi-automatic rotary inventory: through the use of only one person (pilot) it is possible to make the inventory automatically without the aid of other means and / or tools. This improves productivity and uptime by reducing the staff needed and the tools to employ in this process.
  • Time savings: with the iiXDrone solution the Lead Time of the process is significantly reduced; the reading speed of the drone allows to reduce the movements of the operator to a minimum. In addition, through photos and coordinates, in real time it is possible to go to the requested location in case of inspection, verification and control.
  • Cost reduction: less use of resources is needed both in terms of personnel and physical instruments.
  • Reliability and error reduction with unique physical references (coordinates): iiXDrone allows to reduce human error. Thanks to the warehouse coordinate system, each package / pallet has a unique location almost certified by photo or video.

AS-IS Situation vs TO-BE Situation

it is possible to quantify how KPIs improve from a current situation (AS-IS Situation) to a future one (TO-BE Situation) after the implementation of the iiXDrone.

The results obtained have important implications on productivity, on operations, on error reduction and on the reduction of fixed costs incurred to carry out warehouse management activities.

KPI AS-IS Situation TO-BE Situation
  • Staff: an average of three people are employed to carry out the inventory of a warehouse corridor, two who read the labels via barcode readers and one person who guides the forklift for vertical and horizontal movement. In addition, there are also all the operations carried out by the staff to book, store and maintain the equipment.
  • Physical tools: it is necessary to rent or purchase a forklift with safety cage and platform for carrying out activities, the use of multiple barcode readers, tools for the safety of personnel, tools for closing the corridor.
  • Hidden costs :they include all those costs of loss of production for blocking the warehouse, maintenance of work tools, use of time for renting or storing equipment.
  • Staff : iiXDrone needs only one person to be guided with the possibility of employing other people, previously engaged in this activity, in other activities. All other activities previously related to the booking, storage and maintenance of all equipment are eliminated ⇒ improvement of productivity and operations.
  • Physical tools:against an initial investment, 100% of the costs for the tools such as forklift, plate, safety tools, maintenance of the tools themselves are eliminated ⇒ Cost reduction.
  • Hidden costs :in the face of small costs as regards the small flight course and software upgrades and maintenance ⇒ cost reduction (70-90%),reduction of error costs, reduction of the risk of misalignment of the real physical warehouse from the digital one. Elimination of maintenance costs of equipment and tools. The small size of the technology allows very low storage costs.
  • Lead Time: the time taken to carry out warehouse management activities. The time taken by the warehouse workers to complete the entire activity: the activities for the closure of the aisle, the activities to secure the workers, to move and recover the equipment, all the movements with the forklift, the times of ascent and descent of the platform, and finally the operations to close operations.
  • Booking times: all the times used for the equipment booking activities. The risk of equipment unavailability should also be assessed, especially in the mid or end of the year.
  • Waiting time: the time that elapses between the booking of the equipment and the actual arrival of it at the warehouse.

  • Lead Time: by using the iiXDrone it is possible to reduce the LT by50%with performance that can be improved with experience. This happens thanks to the speed of the drone that allows you to move in space with better performance than the forklift and the platform. The time spent closing a lane is reduced; the time taken to make workers safe and to move equipment is eliminated.
    Reducing LT, improves productivity and reduces hidden downtime costs by allowing you to perform multiple activities at the same time.
  • Booking times: reduction of 100% of the working times required for booking the equipment necessary to carry out warehouse management activities. It is no longer necessary to plan this type of operation in advance and this also allows it to be carried out several times a year having a more complete view of the state of the warehouse ⇒ prodictivity improvement.
  • Waiting time: there is no longer the need for reservations and additional equipment, there are no more waiting times.


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