iixDrone Special Mention Award: MECSPE 2019

The awards from Industrie 4.0, now in its second edition, saw Mobiix triumph as a special mention thanks to the iixDrone solution.

“With iixDrone, new frontiers are opened for the intelligent management of warehouse inventory, the new flying module designed to simplify warehouse management processes, with significant savings in time and costs for the company. It is capable of reading barcodes and RFID tags, includes the exact position of the code read by detecting the coordinates, adds the “empty x full” flag and includes the photo of the location. It transmits everything – via wi-fi – to the company server or to the Mobiix cloud. “

The award ceremony for the 4.0 award took place on the important stage of the digital factory arena inside the innovation tunnel of Mecspe 2019.

“We take this opportunity to thank all the people present and our customers who believed in us and in our solution”.

– Team Mobiix –

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