Every object, every activity to be monitored is detected with a device or sensor.
Through the Internent you can have access to informational/programmable reports on data and sensors, and consequently send alarms or specific information. Again, through the Internet, you can get connected to devices and receive information on the current state of specific elements and any relevant updates.

Our approach
We work side-by-side with you and your staff, to determine what should operate interactively, with the aim of streamlining any activity requiring control, management and interventions.
Together we will evaluate the impact in terms of management, safety and added value.
You will have a final solution tailored to your needs.
All data will be available in real time, without the need for external clouds: an advantage for those managing highly critical systems.
iixOnis is a device enabling data collection with any type of sensor (presence, temperature, humidity, etc.), with rs232 USB or Bluetooth, RFID UHF module, connected to the Internet via ethernet or wifi.
It is fully programmable, enables database management (synchronised with the server) and the local storage of data whenever off-line.
iixOis can be accessed remotely for the performance of ad-hoc functions.
It come with the case that is most appropriate to the environment concerned, with AC or DC electrical supply.
Cutting-edge performances in a compact and cost-effective format
Fully programmable software
Easy to instal and manage on standard networks
Lower reading-point costs, which makes it a good investiment
It checks peripherals directly without any need for further devices