It is essential to have a comprehensive view of what happens in our working space, checking and coordinating with ease anything that may be identified with a tag, in order to be able to act immediately and prevent any overlapping that may cause problems.

We have applied to RFID technology the concept of interconnected environment that is typical of IoT systems [link a iixON Solutions].

iiXRFID is an RFID (UHF and HF) antenna concentrator designed for industrial environments.
This App, which is accessible from your mobile device, enables you to have complete visibility over what is going on and take immediate action.

Fully configurable and interfaceable with sensors for the automation of any process: from tag reading to port opening, from the activation of a light or acoustic signals to the transmission of a phone call, and much more.

Cutting-edge performances in a compact and cost-effective format
Fully programmable software
Easy to instal and manage on standard networks
Lower reading-point costs, which makes it a good investiment
It checks peripherals directly without any need for further devices