Sometimes it is necessary to “capture” data from Barcodes or RFID Tags as easily, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And enable operators to use any device, without big investiments in new detection devices.

iixScan is compatible with any Android-based device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
It “captures” any Barcode or RFID (UHF-NFC) Tag, but also offers the possibility of adding further data, including multimedia ones (pictures, videos, etc.).
Throught further modules, it ensures the complete integration of the data collected into your system.

Hassle-free: you can dowload the App from Google Play Store directly.
The App comes with two other modules that are essential for aggregating and importing the data collected.
SureCollect: it aggregates the data collected from the apps available online.
SureShare: it enables you to share data with any ERP.

the data collection process becomes simple
it is ergonomic and user-friendly
it is designed to automatically adapt to your device, regardless of its size


it  speeds up in-the-field data collection with or without connectivity
it enables you to prepare documents with standard formats
collected data and information are instantly available
it keeps data in memory until the upload is confirmed

it reduces data collection management costs
it is developed on an open-source Android platform
no specific investment in hardware is required

Watch the demo

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