Tokheim in Italy
280 employees, 5 plants in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany, in Northern and Central Italy, an area generating 80% of the company’s sales nationwide. A large territory, covered by a network of around 170 technicians [sul sito di Tokheim viene usato il termine “engineer”] who provide assistance in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

The project developed with Mobiix
Tokheim’s call centre receives between 400 and 500 intervention requests every day from the around 5,000 stations served.
Before any intervention, the Interference Risk Assessment Certificate (DUVRI) must be prepared, in accordance with Art. 26 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 (Consolidated Act on Safety in the Workplace). The preparation of said document, which in itself is already complex, is made even more difficult by the fact that different forms must be used in accordance with the oil company where the intervention is being performed.
The management of the various forms, their transmission to the company’s offices and the filing of the papers make the process unclear and inaccurate.
Towards the end of 2014, following the talks with Mobiix, a project for the digitalisation of the entire procedure was implemented in only few months.
The solution developed with Mobiix – SureDoc Suite – allows to identify, through the system, the company where the technician is working and provide him with the right form.
The blocks imposed by the system exclude the possibility that the form may be completed hastily, and make the intervention impossible unless all the documents are duly filled in and signed by both the technician and the Service Station Manager.
The creation of pdf files enables technicians – who are equipped with portable printers – to issue a printed copy of the documents.
The App is integrated into the company’s central IT system for real-time data transfer.

The advantages are presented by Corrado Fasano, Facility & HR Director:
“Oil companies are seriously committed to ensuring the observance of safety procedures, and consequently ask to be allowed to check that the DUVRI is duly prepared and filed.”
We have removed the complexities connected to the management of paper documents and the inaccuracies related to transfer and filing procedures.
Accuracy, legibility, full document completion and real-time data are only some of the advantages offered, but there is another advantage in terms of reputation with our clients, who benefit from a better service and increased efficiency.
Moreover, in consideration of the complexity of the area covered, the fact that the App works also without mobile connection is a real plus for us.
In the year and a half in which the service has been operational, we have never had either technical issues or disputes with our clients in connection with the reliability and accuracy of the documents created: a result beyond the most optimistic expectations!
Extremely positive also the feed-back received from our teams in the field. They are technicians, they want to do their job at best, and appreciate all smart and reliable solutions that enable them to work better.
Mobiix offers the technical skills and quick responses that we need. The project has been developed working side-by-side, and we have been involved directly in the implementation and customisation of the finished product.”

Future challenges
A constantly evolving market, with respect to both fuel distribution and service stations, with the latter increasingly shifting away from  manned solutions towards the “ghost”, fully-automated model.
A challenge that, according to Corrado Fasano, can only be met through mobility solutions, which enables you to instantly indentify the location of technicians and the interventions to be scheduled, and allot the interventions in the field in real time, thanks to the information at your disposal (intervention timeline, sales point opening hours, list of equipment undergoing maintenance), and the increasingly advanced document management solutions available in the field.
A challenge that Mobiix is ready to tackle, as usual, in partnership with the Client.

About Tokheim
Tokheim began in a little Iowa hardware store more than a century ago. Merchant John J. Tokheim was searching for a way to improve the method of dispensing gasoline. In 1898, he invented ‘Tokheim Dome Oil Pump’ to do the job. The popularity of his invention led to organising the Tokheim Manufacturing Company in 1901.
Today the Tokheim Group, which is headquartered in Paris, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuel dispensers and automated systems, and one of the leading providers of assistance and maintenance services worldwide.
With a direct presence in across more than thirty countries, Tokheim offers its clients a breadth of fuel dispensers, dispensing equipment, automatic sales management systems, payment terminals, multimedia devices, spare parts and update kits, and a wide range of support and assistance services, including end-to-end service station construction and maintenance.
At the heart of its business is its service network, with a direct presence in over 40,000 stations worldwide.
Strongly committed to Health, Safety, Security and Enviroment (HSSE) protection
HSSE is a fundamental part of Tokheim’s business. Its management teams, at all levels, are directly involved in the development of HSSE objectives, in full compliance to both local and global standards.
Its goal for ‘zero accidents’ aims to ensure a safer environment for its staff, its clients and their end-users.

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