The process of planning, implementing and monitoring an effective and efficient flow of goods from their point of origin up to the market poses strategic challenges to any business. Challenges that now can be tackled using technologies and solutions allowing the integration of the various logistic areas, with increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a higher quality level of the services provided.

Our approach is based on the principle of Enterprise Mobility, and we work side-by-side with you in the identification of solutions and technologies enabling you to effectively optimise every step in the process, from tracking in the production phase to the traceability of finished products.

Reduced management costs, visibility over the entire process and a significant increase in service quality are only some of the advantages offered.
We work alongside our Clients and together we define the goals to be pursued and the expected results, based on ROI and the possibility of increasing operational margins.

– Cloud-based apps ensuring higher quality and  an increased availability of data.
– Guided procedures preventing any possible human error.
– Technologies enabling staff to work in any weather condition and transfer any multimedia information that may be useful to improve the service.
– Accurate data for checking and reallocating products, equipment and property.
– RFID or NFC- based access control.
– Transport unit integrity check.
– Digitalisation of document completion processes.
– “Last-mile” tracking, proof of delivery.
– Geolocalisation and graphometric signature (sureSign).