Pick & Put To Light is the new system that makes normal picking and sorting activity more efficient and faster, especially in warehouses with high density and products rotation.

This technology allows to connect the reading of the barcode with special light tags that light up to indicate to the operator the place/box/space where to insert, place or pick the requested item.

Pick & Put To Light is an extremely intuitive system, customizable and easy to install:

  • it’s a wireless technology with no cost of wiring and infrastructure
  • it does not require any changes to the facilities: the devices are installed on the existing shelves
  • it’s integrated with any management system and connects directly to the warehouse management software
  • it is scalable over time as shelf/line lay-out needs change: light modules can be easily added or moved

How does it work

  1. The operator reads, with a device, connected to the software, the article code that must be picked up or sorted
  2. In each location a LED light device is installed and this emits a light signal to quickly indicate to the operator the correct location where to pick up or store goods
  3. The operator confirms that the operation has been completed and the light automatically turns off


Pick-to-Light Put-to-Light
Light tags associated with each location quickly and easily signal the correct position of the products to be picked (pick) to the operator.

The SKU number is fixed but the quantity of orders to be assorted can be infinite.

Luminous tags associated with each location visually show the operator the correct position in which to place the item (put).

The number of orders to be assorted will always be fixed but the quantity of products can be variable and infinite.


  • Quick sorting of orders, with a 50% increase in productivity
  • Accuracy in picking and sorting activities, with a picking error of less than 1%
  • Complete traceability of all handling phases with data aligned and updated in real time
  • Space optimization and capacity increase (up to 30% more) with the creation of multi-product and multi-order locations
  • Flexibility and immediacy in the redesign of spaces