Honeywell CK3X

The version with extra long range 2D reader (barcode reading up to 15 meters) of Intermec’s best-selling product, which has now become Honeywell.

For those in the industry almost does not need any introduction.

It is the warehouse terminal par excellence, in the right compromise between size, weight and comfort.

Honeywell CK3X is resistant to rain and dust thanks to IP54 grade and also certified for 1.2 drops.

The operating system is Windows Mobile 6.5 which runs on a high-performance and safe hardware.

Honeywell CK3X is a success that lasts over the years.



Available Accessories:
● pistol grip
● belt holster
● forklift support
● multi-position charger
● bases for synchronization with the PC
● RFID reader
● alphanumeric or numeric keyboard
● standard 2D range reader


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