Rugged Tablet with 3D Camera a Hit at COMPUTEX


COMPUTEX, one of the largest technology trade shows in the world, is taking place this week in Taipei. The event attracts over 130,000 international and local attendees to learn about and test the latest technology innovations including computers, gaming systems and wearables.

One exciting innovation in the mobility landscape is the first-to-market rugged tablet with a 3D camera. The MobileDemand device integrates an Intel® RealSense 3D camera in to a ruggedized form factor Windows tablet. This device, the xTablet T8650, is a featured product inside Microsoft’s booth at the COMPUTEX event and, as expected, has garnered a lot of positive attention.

The xTablet T8650 rugged tablet is able to capture dimensions and volume of certain objects using the powerful and accurate R200 3D camera. The Intel 3D rear-facing camera, integrated seamlessly in to the tablet, captures 3D scenery and objects, overlaying virtual information into a live image feed. Users can capture depth-based images for applications such as volume dimensioning (also known as cubing or capactity calculation), measurements, scene capture and much more. The camera has multiple image sensors allowing depth sensing to see the world in 3D much like humans do.

In addition to having a presence in the their booth, Microsoft also featured the device in their keynote speech at COMPUTEX.


More photos and video to come.


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