SureDoc: even more collaborative and enabling

SureDoc, the flagship solution developed by Mobiix to digitize any data collection procedure, was completed by enabling the technology available on the products in which it is installed, whether they are tablets or smartphones. Through the use of intelligence and artificial vision and immersive technologies, it marks a new milestone in human-machine collaboration.

All the latest research highlights a fast growing market for immersive technologies. Application sectors also change: by 2022, according to Gartner’s report “The Future of Immersive Experience“, 70% of companies will have experienced immersive solutions and 25% will have used them for production purposes.

To allow the transformation of research into opportunities, technology must “collaborate” to build real value for users. Maintaining its vocation as a virtual assistant, SureDoc evolves to integrate innovations that will represent a huge opportunity for businesses.

The positive impact will be twofold: the progress in available personal technologies will drastically improve application performance, while driving a highly profitable organizational evolution.

SureDoc solutions incorporate work-flows, placing the emphasis on data security to comply with regulations and promote trust.

Up to now SureDoc has allowed data to be collected – from simple questionnaires to complex documents such as technical intervention reports, duvri, inspection and control questionnaires – by integrating it with photographs, videos, audio recordings, as well as with the geographical position and the detection of the time in which the document is created.

Through Computer Vision (CV), it will be possible to process and analyze real images and videos from which to extract contextual and meaningful information. he VA and Virtual Enterprise Assistant (VEA) will create an auxiliary user experience and enable specific services for each type of application. For example, it can accompany the operator technician, recognizing and classifying the area of ​​intervention, automatically documenting the activity carried out and to be budgeted.

Furthermore, wearable solutions will be able to guarantee greater safety and protection of operators, for example by monitoring their physical state through integrated sensors, promptly intercepting any biometric variation, or by signaling risky external environmental conditions.

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