SureDoc is your hi-tech assistant for in-the-field data collection.
It helps you capture, store, transfer and process data whilst with your interlocutor/client/plant/product. It enables you to automise any process by removing paper, with the time-saving digitalisation of information. SureDoc is set to become a leading app in mobile business solutions.


Your paper documents become an App accessible from any mobile device.
All documents can be complemented with Bar Code readings, RFID/NFC readings, photographs, GPS coordinates, signatures, sensors and much more, as agreed.
For in-the-field activities, with or without connectivity.
Apps and data are integrated into your ERP system.

With SureDoc, you are guaranteed to follow the procedure step-by-step, without skipping anything along the way. SureDoc checks that all the data required are provided before you exit the page, and if they are confirmed, you are required to place your signature in order to complete the procedure and save the data.
It is impossible to forget to fill in the fields that are considered important. This is an essential function in terms of security.

SureDoc offers various functions, such as SurveyDoc, useful for data collection,  which dynamically lead your staff through pre-defined procedures in one-on-one interviews, surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires and market mobility studies.