What is sureDoc?

SureDoc is a collecting data technology. It helps you register, store, transfer, process data, whilst with your partner/customer/plant/product. It enables you to automatise any “procedure” replacing “paper”, saving you time by digitalising information. It is designed to work in the field with or without connectivity. SureDoc is a leader in enterprise mobility management.



SureDoc can be personalised to digitalise any document, in this case we have automatised the document that registers the access of the transport unit to the intermodal logistic centre. The operator, with the assistance of SureDoc, analyses the container. SureDoc guides/forces the operator to analyse and fill in all data step by step without overlooking anything, adding photos and data that will become integral parts of the digital data sheet. SureDoc checks that all the compulsory data have been listed before closing the sheet, and if confirmed proceeds to the request of the signature for the finalisation and the memorisation of the document.






SureDoc enables you to digitalise any procedure of data collection, in this case we will analyse the DUVRI (i.e. Unified text on assessment of risks generated by interference). Also in this situation, the technician is assisted step by step by SureDoc in the correct filing of the document, in compliance with its purposes, which are: to assess the risks generated by interference related to activities (e.g. use of dangerous substances, generation of sparks in environments with explosion’s risk, presence of chemical hazards, tampering and obstruction of escape routes, etc.); to indicate the measures adopted to eliminate the risks generated by interference; to indicate the measures adopted to minimise the risks that cannot be eliminated; to verify that the workers assigned to the job are in possession of the appropriate technical requirements; to ensure that the workers assigned to the job are insured in compliance with the regulations of INAIL (i.e. Italian government agency for the insurance against work-related injuries). SureDoc is the instrument to identify the safety costs. The “DUVRI” must be attached to the procurement or work contract.



Another function of SureDoc is SurveyDoc, which is used to collect information. It dynamically guides your staff through a predefined structure in one to one interviews; in surveys; in customer satisfaction surveys; market surveys on the go. A typical personalisation: with the objective of incrementing the quality of the data on a client through the use of two different actions – profiling the client to increase sales, – satisfaction with the use of services and products to favour marketing.


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