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  • Athesi-ring-scanner-rs10-mobiix-lettore-barcode-indossabile

    Athesi finger scanner

    Lightweight and comfortable for the Athesi RS10 wearable scanner.

    50 grams of weight, 8 hours of autonomy with scans every 10 seconds and decoding of 1D and 2D barcodes.

    Three fundamental elements that characterize the success of a “wearable” reader, especially when we address even a female audience.

    the reader is certified for falls up to a meter and a half, even if practically it will never fall down thanks to the adjustment strap that perfectly fits the index finger.

    The RS10 scanner is IP54 certified for both indoor and outdoor use.

    The wearable scanner of Athesi is recharged via USB input and can be connected via bluetooth or with the usb / wifi key provided in the package.

  • Athesi E8T, rugged tablet 8 pollici android

    Athesi Rugged Tablet – E8T

    Athesi E8T, disegnato per gli utenti in mobilità.

    Tecnici, manutentori, raccolta ordini, tentata vendita, sono solo una parte dei professionisti che cercano un prodotto compatto e affidabile, con una batteria che copre l’intera giornata lavorativa. Queste sono le caratteristiche di Athesi E8T, da oggi in versione 8.1 (OREO), un processore Mediatek 8735A Quad Core con 1,45Ghz di potenza massima atta a gestisce coerentemente la durata della batteria e la capacità di calcolo.


  • Mobiix iix10 rugged tablet

    Athesi Rugged Tablet – E10

    The perfect size to increase productivity and efficiency.
    Do More is Easy

    The new E10 rugged tablet can do just about anything. It is powerful and robust. Perfectly integrated with business applications thanks to the Windows 10 or Android operating system and the large 10.1-inch display. The E10 rugged tablet has everything you ask for today on a computer, plus the convenience and simplicity of a portable device, touch and always connected thanks to the 4G LTE module.

  • ecom-tab-ex-z1-div1-mobiix-atex

    Ecom Tab-Ex® zone 1 / div. 1

    Ecom Tab-Ex® It is the first rugged tablet in the World with the ATEX zone 1/div.1 certification.

    Ecom instruments srl is a leader company in the planning and realisation market of intrinsic safety (certified by Atex) devices.

    It designs and realises a tablet for areas at risk of explosions, deeply changing the way of interacting between in field operators and backend systems.

    It is based on the performing Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, rugged tablet that is having a huge success in the most complex business workforce applications.

    This evolution offers the possibility of increasing the quality of the data collected in field.

  • Mobiix iix12 rugged tablet

    Mobiix Rugged PDA – iix12

    The new iix12 rugged tablet proposed by Mobiix is large and robust. The large 12-inch display allows a clear consultation even the most complicated technical drawings and manage it with one hand is a breeze, thanks to the comfortable back strap. Under the shell, sealed IP65 and conforming to the military standard, we find the same Atom x5 processor that unites the entire lineUP of the Rugged tablet Mobiix so as to ensure excellent computing capacity, reduced consumption and low operating temperatures.

  • Athesi E6, Rugged smarphone

    Mobiix Rugged PDA – iix6

    The Rugged PDA with the largest display on the market

    Do More is Easy: compact, robust and with a 6-inch display.
    The trend of the B2C market is clear, the phablets are the masters and more and more users choose larger displays to better enjoy the contents; that’s why Mobiix presents the iix6 Rugged PDA designed for industrial use but with an eye to the new market trends to increase their application performance and human-machine interaction.


  • Mobiix iix8 rugged tablet

    Mobiix Rugged PDA – iix8

    Rugged iix8 Tablet, designed for one-handed use thanks to the practical 8-inch display that allows you to use without compromise either Windows 1 or applications developed for Android.

    iix8 is perfect for mobile operators who need a performance device but at the same time easy to carry. The iix8 is robust, withstands repeated drops from a height of 1.2 meters and is sealed IP67.

  • rugged-mobiix-RT101-athesi

    Rugged Tablet Athesi – RT101

    The rugged tablet without compromise.
    Do More is Easy

    The new RT101 by Athesì does not fear comparisons and is ready to challenge with the most famous models on the market. A “strong” soul in magnesium alloy that binds the high quality components with the possibility of being integrated at a later time, like the Honeywell 2D barcode scanner, the Sierra 4G module and much more. Everything is protected by a high quality polycarbonate sealed IP65 case with 4 replaceable 4 bumber rubber ends.

    The Athesi RT101 never abandons you, the long battery life allows you to complete the entire work shift and thanks to replaceable HotSwap batteries forget to recharge it is no longer a problem.