Mobiix is a start-up built on the expertise of its people, who worked for over a decade in international hi-tech environments.

At Mobiix, we design smart Enterprise Mobility solutions aimed at streamlining and simplifying all traceability and data collection processes.

We provide reliable technologies, selected from a range of both traditional solutions and cutting-edge innovations, in order to enable our Clients to reach clear and concrete objectives, and always offer them scalable systems which allow them to meet the ever-changing challenges posed by the market.

Our approach is characterised by flexibility in responding to our Client’s needs.
But also by our commitment to providing an attentive service, both in case of turn-key solutions and complex tailor-made projects.
And the great attention devoted to people and their needs, the full applicability of solutions, and compliance to the standards required and our Clients’ needs, both in case of large companies and small-sized enterprises.